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Divine Light


Inner Wisdom

Journey to

Your Divine Light

Step further onto your path of awakening and your unique metamorphosis as a sovereign spiritual being. Holistic, spiritual health and the relationship between the body, mind and soul is a profound infinite unfolding of your greatest potential.

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Coaching and Mentoring

Are you committed to your personal growth and healing?

Are you ready to step further into your path of Spirituality and Empowerment?

Welcome to Divine Light Integration. A process, which involves dissolving, reimagining and revising who you are so you can live an authentic life with gratitude and abundance.

Divine Light Integration and Private 5MEO DMT Retreats coach Melanie Waterfall
Exploring Divine Light Psychedelic Preparation and Integration Services



Divine Light Integration Spiritual Coaching Services Journal
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What They Say

Melanie is a very intuitive integration coach. She is compassionate, insightful and very capable. She helped me through some difficult times and her coaching was highly effective. I highly recommend her. You would be lucky to work with her.
~ Camara C

Melanie has a huge open heart. She is curious, patient and fully embodies her chosen career. With Melanie’s loving, caring curiosity I was able to touch places deep inside I have long since forgotten. I hope your practice continues to unfold and blossom into the most exquisite flower as you are!
~ Wendy H

Melanie is a beautiful magical being. Her energy is nurturing and grounding. Her coaching style is unique and effective. I would recommend Divine Light Integration to anyone who is needing an emotional and mental reset.
~ Julie B

Melanie pays close attention to detail, her space is cozy and inviting, the setting was soothing and supportive. She was kind & compassionate and helpful in my process. Her coaching was intuitive, gentle and effective. I highly recommend Melanie as a coach.
~ Shannon S

Helpful Information

We are spiritual beings having a human experience, not human beings having a spiritual experience.”

~ Pierre Tailhard de Chardin

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